Studio Recording

Specialisation in both Analogue and Digital Studio recording, guiding your music from concept to a finalised mix.



Available for editing projects, including voiceover work, classical edits and cleanup work.



No mixing project is too demanding, from jazz and rock to multichannel film score mixes, Alexander Audio can offer the best of both vintage analogue warmth and modern digital processing. 

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Alexander Audio is mobile! Projects range from jazz and rock sessions recorded between studios and rehearsal rooms to orchestral concerts in various churches and cathedrals.


A complete recording rig can be provided, with premium studio/concert etiquette prioritised. 


Jon Alexander is a British audio engineer based in Copenhagen.


After graduating with first class honours from the world famous Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey, he perfected his skills at Abbey Road Studios in London as part of the recording team.


Today he combines his technical expertise and musical prowess to recording all genres of music. Based at The Millfactory, Copenhagen, his services range from recording and mixing studio sessions for rock and jazz to classical music and film scoring.



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Violeta Vicci    -    The Jar    -    Agne Živatkauskaite    -    The Collective Abroad

Zak and the Krakens    -    Ben Holland    -    Nicoletta Filella

The Bevin Boys    -    Daniel Sonabend    -    The Buzzard Orchestral

Freesome    -    You Me Tree    -    Imaestri Orchestra

SUSO Orchestra    -    Veronika Shoot     -    Duo Diez

Russell Jarrett Duo    -    Peter & Kerry    -    Simon Hölscher

B.H.A.D Company    -    The Pogo Problem    -    Copenhagen Camerata

Nita Tiri    -    Doug Thomas